FNF Bluey Tylenol


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FNF Bluey Tylenol

FNF Bluey Tylenol is a rhythm-based game where players face off against Bluey in musical battles. Tap in time with the music to hit notes accurately and outperform your quirky opponent.


  • Tap on-screen in sync with the music to hit notes.
  • Maintain accuracy to keep your score high.
  • Avoid missing notes to stay in the game.


With simple tap controls and catchy music tracks, players must match the rhythm to progress. Each level introduces new musical challenges, requiring quick reflexes and precision.


  1. Catchy Music: Enjoy a variety of fun and engaging tracks.
  2. Unique Opponent: Battle against the whimsical Bluey, each level bringing new challenges.
  3. Customizable Avatar: Personalize your character with different outfits and accessories.
  4. Progressive Levels: Unlock new levels and songs as you advance.
  5. Leaderboard: Compete globally to see who can achieve the highest score.

How to play

Using mouse

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