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Hololive Heardle

Hololive Heardle is an engaging online game that invites players to explore the world of virtual idols through their captivating songs. Featuring tracks from the popular virtual idol agency, Hololive, players can immerse themselves in the diverse and enchanting music created by their favorite virtual talents.

How to Play:

  1. Listen to the Clip: Each round presents players with a short audio snippet of a song performed by a virtual idol from Hololive.

  2. Guess the Song: Based on the audio clip, players must correctly identify the title of the song and the virtual idol who performed it.

  3. Submit Your Answer: Type in your guess of the song title and the virtual idol's name using the provided text box.

  4. Receive Feedback: After submitting your guess, you'll receive feedback on whether your answer is correct or incorrect.

  5. Continue Guessing: If your guess is incorrect, keep listening to more audio clips and making guesses until you identify the correct song and virtual idol.


  • Diverse Selection of Songs: Enjoy guessing from a wide range of songs performed by virtual idols from Hololive, including both original tracks and covers.

  • Social Sharing: Share your achievements and progress with friends on social media platforms.

  • Multiple Game Modes: Choose from different game modes to tailor your experience, whether you're a casual fan or a dedicated follower of Hololive.


  • Mouse or Keyboard: Navigate through the game interface using your mouse to click on buttons or type in answers using your keyboard.

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