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My Neighbor Enide

Introducing My Neighbor Enide

My Neighbor Enide is a short but engaging horror role-playing game where you will be immersed in a mysterious and creepy atmosphere. The game revolves around the story of Allie, a young girl who moves to a peaceful coastal town. However, that peace is quickly broken when Allie meets Enide, a mysterious neighbor with dark secrets.

How to play:

My Neighbor Enide has simple but attractive gameplay. You will control Allie, explore your surroundings, interact with different characters, and collect mysterious pieces to unlock the secrets of Enide and her dark past.


The plot is attractive and captivating with mysteries gradually revealed.
The atmosphere is dark and creepy, creating a feeling of suspense for the player.
The gameplay is simple and accessible but no less challenging.
Unique pixel art graphics, create a unique look for the game.
Lively music and sound effects add to the drama.


My Neighbor Enide is a unique experience for those who love the horror and mystery game genre. With an engaging storyline, simple gameplay and a creepy atmosphere, the game promises to bring you haunting and unforgettable moments of entertainment.

How to play

Using mouse

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