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Cat Drop: Suika game

Welcome to Cat Drop: Suika Game, a delightful and charming puzzle game that will whisk you away on a journey of fun and excitement. In this game, you'll embark on an adventure alongside adorable cats and immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Suika. Get ready to explore, strategize, and enjoy hours of entertainment in this captivating game!

Introducing Cat Drop: Suika Game:

Cat Drop: Suika Game is an engaging puzzle game where you will participate in exciting adventures with cute cats and explore the dreamy world of Suika. With beautiful graphics and catchy music, the game promises to bring you wonderful moments of entertainment.

In Cat Drop: Suika Game, your mission is to help cats jump over the stairs to the safe position at the bottom. Use your finger to release the cat from above and adjust the jumping direction so that it can reach the goal. However, be careful with the obstacles and difficult levels, which require ingenuity and strategy to overcome.


Release the cat from above and guide them to a safe bottom location.
Avoid obstacles and obstructions on the way.
Use your strategy and skills to complete each level successfully.
Collect items and ingredients to unlock new levels and upgrade characters.


Beautiful graphics and lively music.
Diverse and challenging levels.
Opportunity to collect items and upgrade characters.
The plot is attractive and engaging.

Get ready to start a colorful and exciting adventure in Cat Drop: Suika Game!

How to play

Using mouse and keyboard.

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