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Egg Dash

Introducing Egg Dash:

Get ready for an egg-citing adventure with Egg Dash, the latest addition to our collection of Geometry Dash games with an Easter theme! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to rhythm games, Egg Dash promises a fun and engaging experience that you won't want to miss. Let's dive into how this eggstravaganza works so you can start having fun right away!

Start your Egg Dash online:

In Egg Dash, you'll control an egg instead of the regular blocky icon typically seen in Geometry Dash games. Your goal is simple: navigate the egg forward on platforms by clicking to make it jump. Along the way, you'll encounter spikes, blocks, and various obstacles that you'll need to avoid. These obstacles can appear on the bottom, top, or right in front of you, so stay alert!

Your objective is to reach the end of each course, achieving 100% completion and earning a big score in return. You can then use your score to unlock new egg icons for dashing. Each course features its unique song to help you keep the rhythm, with levels starting from "Shell Shock" and more to come soon.

It's as simple as that! Whether you're familiar with the genre or new to it, Egg Dash provides a great starting point for endless fun and excitement.

How to play:

Using your mouse, click to make the egg jump and navigate through the obstacles. Stay focused, time your jumps carefully, and aim for 100% completion on each course to maximize your score.


  • Egg-citing gameplay: Experience thrilling platforming action with an egg-themed twist.
  • Easter theme: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Egg Dash's Easter-themed levels and visuals.
  • Catchy soundtracks: Groove to the beat with unique songs assigned to each level.
  • Unlockable content: Use your score to unlock new egg icons for added customization and fun.

Join the fun and start your Egg Dash adventure today! Whether you're hopping into the action for the first time or returning for more excitement, Egg Dash promises an egg-cellent gaming experience for players of all levels.

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