FNF Vs. Roblox: Breaking News


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FNF Vs. Roblox: Breaking News

Breaking News: Boyfriend Featured in FNF Vs. Roblox Mod

In the bustling town of Bloxburg, an extraordinary event is unfolding in the virtual world. The latest mod, FNF Vs. Roblox: Breaking News, is making waves as it introduces an unexpected guest to its news show—none other than Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'. This crossover has captured the attention of gamers worldwide, promising a unique and entertaining experience unlike any other.

About the Game

FNF Vs. Roblox: Breaking News is a mod that combines elements of the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin', with the immersive world of Roblox. Developed by dedicated modders, this crossover introduces players to a surreal encounter between Boyfriend and a fictional news presenter in the vibrant setting of Bloxburg.

Why You Should Play Friday Night Funkin':

Friday Night Funkin' has garnered a massive following since its release, thanks to its catchy music, stylish visuals, and addictive gameplay. Players take on the role of Boyfriend, a character on a mission to impress his Girlfriend by defeating various opponents in rhythm-based battles. The game's charming art style and memorable soundtrack have cemented its status as a beloved indie title.


FNF Vs. Roblox: Breaking News offers players a fresh and entertaining twist on the Friday Night Funkin' experience. With its quirky premise and surreal encounters, this mod is sure to provide hours of laughter and enjoyment for fans of both games. Whether you're a seasoned rhythm game enthusiast or a newcomer looking for something offbeat, this crossover is worth checking out. So, grab your mic, tune in to the virtual news channel, and get ready for a musical showdown unlike any other!

How to play

Use mouse

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