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Incredibox - The Scatposters is an extraordinary game that invites players to immerse themselves in the world of music creation and exploration. Developed by a talented team of designers and musicians, this game offers a captivating experience where players can unleash their creativity and compose their own unique musical masterpieces using a cast of charming characters known as the Scatposters.

A Musical Journey with the Scatposters

Incredibox - The Scatposters takes players on a musical journey like no other. The game introduces a delightful ensemble of Scatposters, each representing a specific musical element such as beats, melodies, harmonies, and effects. These lovable characters come to life as players experiment and combine their individual sounds to craft captivating compositions.

Discover the Vibrant World of the Scatposters

The Scatposters are visually appealing and quirky characters, each with their own distinct style and musical personality. From their lively animations to their unique sound contributions, they bring a sense of charm and excitement to the game. As players delve into the world of the Scatposters, they can explore and unlock the full potential of these endearing characters.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Music Creation

Incredibox - The Scatposters are designed to be accessible to players of all musical backgrounds. The game offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to easily create mesmerizing melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. Through a simple drag-and-drop system, players can experiment with different musical elements, layering them to build complex compositions with just a few clicks.

Build Unique Compositions with an Extensive Sound Library

The game provides a vast library of pre-recorded beats, melodies, effects, and vocals, covering a wide range of genres and musical styles. Players have the freedom to mix and match these elements to create their own unique tracks. With endless possibilities at their fingertips, they can unleash their imagination and create compositions that resonate with their musical preferences.

Unleash Creativity with Customization Options

Incredibox - The Scatposters offer players the ability to customize their compositions further, adding personal touches and creative flair. The game provides an array of special effects, allowing players to manipulate and enhance their tracks with features like pitch-shifting, filters, and more. These customization options add depth, dynamics, and a distinctly artistic touch to the compositions.

Share and Collaborate with the Incredibox Community

The game encourages social interaction and collaboration. Players can save and export their compositions, sharing them with friends, family, and the wider Incredibox community. Additionally, Incredibox features an online sharing platform, where players can listen to and discover compositions created by other players worldwide. This fosters a vibrant and supportive community where music enthusiasts can connect, collaborate, and inspire one another.


Incredibox - The Scatposters is a captivating and immersive game that invites players to explore the realm of music creation. With its charming characters, intuitive interface, extensive sound library, and customization options, the game empowers players to unleash their creativity and compose their own musical wonders. Whether you're a seasoned musician or simply love experimenting with sounds, Incredibox - The Scatposters offers a delightful and engaging experience that celebrates the joy of music and artistic expression. So dive into the world of the Scatposters and let your imagination soar as you create captivating compositions that leave a lasting impression.

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