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Pokemon Ruby

Embark on an epic adventure in the Pokemon Ruby game, a nostalgic journey that closely follows the Gameboy Advance installment from 2003. Dive into the vast region of Hoenn, where over 200 Pokemon await your capture and collection. As a Pokemon Trainer, you are free to roam the expansive land, seeking to earn 8 badges and conquer the Elite Four on your path to glorious victory.

Gameplay Highlights:

  1. Explore Hoenn: Roam freely through the diverse landscapes of Hoenn, encountering new Pokemon, hidden treasures, and challenging trainers. Uncover the mysteries of the region as you traverse forests, caves, and seas in search of Pokemon and adventure.

  2. Catch 'Em All: With more than 200 Pokemon to catch and collect, your journey will be filled with exciting encounters and the thrill of expanding your Pokedex. From grassy fields to deep ocean depths, every corner of Hoenn holds new Pokemon waiting to be discovered.

  3. Collect Badges: Challenge and defeat Gym Leaders across Hoenn to earn 8 coveted badges. Each Gym Leader presents a unique challenge, testing your Pokemon's strengths and your strategic prowess. Collecting all 8 badges is a key step towards proving your mastery as a Pokemon Trainer.

  4. Elite Four Battles: Face the ultimate challenge by taking on the Elite Four. Strategize and battle your way through these formidable trainers to prove that you have what it takes to become a Pokemon Champion. Only the strongest trainers can conquer the Elite Four and claim the title.

  5. Tactical Battles: Be prepared for intense tactical battles as fellow trainers challenge you along your journey. Develop a well-balanced team, strategize your moves, and adapt to unexpected challenges to emerge victorious in every encounter.

Pokemon Ruby offers a classic and captivating Pokemon adventure set in the Hoenn region. With a vast world to explore, a multitude of Pokemon to catch, and challenging battles against Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, this adaptation stays true to the beloved 2003 Gameboy Advance installment. Are you ready to capture, battle, and become the Pokemon Champion in the thrilling land of Hoenn? The journey awaits!

How to play

Use mouse

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