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Rhythm Heaven in FNF

Rhythm Rumble: FNF Meets Rhythm Heaven!

In a groundbreaking crossover event, Friday Night Funkin welcomes the rhythmic universe of Rhythm Heaven for an electrifying collaboration! Brace yourselves for Rhythm Rumble, where FNF characters face off against the charming and quirky rhythm game characters from Rhythm Heaven.

The worlds of FNF and Rhythm Heaven collide, bringing together the iconic characters and infectious beats that fans love. Players will experience a unique blend of the funky FNF vibes and the whimsical, unpredictable rhythms of Rhythm Heaven.


  1. FNF Protagonist: Armed with style and confidence, the FNF protagonist is ready to face the rhythmic challenges thrown their way. Players will guide them through the dance battles with the precision and flair that FNF is known for.

  2. Rhythm Heaven Crew: A cast of beloved characters from Rhythm Heaven joins the dance-off. From the charismatic Karate Joe to the lovable Chorus Kids, each character brings their distinctive moves and rhythm to the stage.


The gameplay seamlessly blends the FNF style with the quirky, unpredictable rhythms of Rhythm Heaven. Players will navigate through a series of rhythm-based challenges, hitting the notes and beats with precision to keep the rhythm flowing. The alternating styles of the FNF characters and the Rhythm Heaven crew create a dynamic and engaging experience.

Soundtrack: Rhythm Rumble features an eclectic soundtrack that combines the funky tunes of FNF with the catchy and whimsical melodies of Rhythm Heaven. Players can expect a musical journey that keeps them on their toes, with surprises at every turn.

Visuals: The visuals capture the essence of both worlds – the vibrant, urban landscapes of FNF and the colorful, imaginative settings of Rhythm Heaven. The blend of these visual styles creates a visually dynamic and captivating backdrop for the rhythm battles.

Outcome: As players progress through the levels, they will face off against characters from both franchises in head-to-head rhythm battles. The outcome is determined by the player's ability to master the unique rhythms presented by each character, creating a harmonious fusion of FNF and Rhythm Heaven.

Rhythm Rumble is not just a crossover; it's a celebration of rhythm gaming culture. Fans of both FNF and Rhythm Heaven can now experience the best of both worlds in this rhythmic extravaganza. Are you ready to groove to the beat and conquer the dance floor in this epic collaboration? It's time for the ultimate Rhythm Rumble!

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