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Rock Heardle

In the entertaining variation known as Heardle, you must determine the song based simply on the introduction. If you think you have an excellent memory and can accurately guess the name of the playlist Rock in fewer than six tries, Rock Heardle is the game for you.

The Heardle Rock's rules

Finding the secret music in the allocated six trials is the game's main goal. During each trial, you must insert any music or artist that comes to mind. Based on the song or artist you've chosen, Heardle Rock will make suggestions for your entry. To win, you have six chances to make a good estimate.

The Heardle Rock strategy

No particular strategy is used when playing a hurdle game. You need to use your musical knowledge. The finest piece of advice I can give you is to always ask a question and to always make a suggestion for an answer.

Performing Rock Heartle
Send in your initial reaction.

Simply click the play button to start the music, and then type your opening statement to get things started. There is no time limit, and you have six chances to solve the day's Heardle Rock.

Find out who wrote the song and what it's called.

If you believe you are familiar with the performer or the song's title, Heardle Rock, choose your answer and click the "Submit" button. Once you've chosen, you'll be able to tell straight immediately if you've made the appropriate choice.

It was you who found Heardle Rock.

Congratulations! The answer is clear, so you can listen to music and share it with your friends. While you wait for the next heardle song, you can test your musical knowledge by listening to other music genres or comparable artists.

How to play

Use mouse

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