Austin and Ally Music Marathon


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Austin and Ally Music Marathon

Get ready with Austin & Ally for a Music Marathon!

Requested by all music producers and aspiring musicians! Are you ready to host Austin & Ally and create uncharted hits? Then get ready for Austin & Ally Music Marathon, the ultimate game where you'll help your favorite music duo write their next hit single!

Become a part of group composition

Austin & Ally need your help! Trish booked them a big gig but they lacked fresh tunes. That's where you come in! Throughout the Music Marathon, you'll work alongside Austin & Ally, crafting catchy hooks, crafting funky beats, and crafting unforgettable lyrics.

A speed race to the finish line

This is not your typical songwriting session. Time flies in the Music Marathon. You'll need to think fast, tap fast, and make creative decisions on the fly to complete composition challenges and unlock new musical elements.

Unleash your inner rock star

The more songs you write, the better you become! As you progress, you'll unlock new musical instruments, sound effects, and creation tools to take your music to the next level. Show off your musical prowess and prove you have what it takes to become a songwriting superstar!

Nothing can stop the music!

Forget distractions, forget limitations – in Music Marathon, the only thing that matters is making great music! Get ready to experience the thrill of the creative process with Austin & Ally. With every beat you set and every lyric you write, you'll get closer to composing a masterpiece.

Are you ready to make music history?

Austin & Ally Music Marathon is your chance to enter the world of songwriting and create chart-topping hits with your favorite music duo. So, gather your virtualizers, unleash your creativity, and prove that you have the musical chops to dynamically accompany the stage!

How to play

Use mouse

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