Halloween Head Soccer


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Halloween Head Soccer

Halloween Head Soccer is an online football (soccer) game with a Halloween theme. It's designed for 2 players, and the objective is to score goals and outplay your opponent before the match timer runs out. The game offers a unique twist by allowing players to select Halloween-themed characters such as zombies, Frankenstein, mummies, witches, and vampires to play as.

How to play the game:

Single-Player Mode:

  • Use the ARROW keys to move your character.
  • Use the Z and X keys to shoot and score goals.

Two-Player Mode:

  • Player 1: Use the WASD keys for movement and N, and M for shooting.
  • Player 2: Use the ARROW keys for movement and 1, and 2 for shooting.

The game is all about demonstrating your soccer skills and scoring more goals than your opponent, just like in traditional soccer matches. It's a fun and festive game, perfect for celebrating the Halloween season. Enjoy the competitive spirit and try to become the soccer champion of Halloween Head Soccer!


How to play

Using Mouse

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