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Incredibox - Trillybox V3 Pollywog


In a surprising revelation, the creators of the Trillybox mod series have come clean about their true intentions behind the latest installment, Pollywog. Incredibox - Trillybox V3 Pollywog to shed light on the hidden truths and secrets of this unique game, providing an overview of its abnormal and surreal characteristics, as well as the unexpected comedic twist that has taken players by surprise.

The Confession:

The post begins with a bold confession from the mod creators, acknowledging their previous deception and admitting that both Sozzled and Bupkis were joke mods. Contrary to the belief that Trillybox was a serious mod series focused on inspiring creativity, it turns out that the intention all along was to create a humorous experience for players. This revelation shakes the foundation of what players thought they knew about the Trillybox universe.

The Journey of Pollywog:

Describing the gameplay and visual elements, the post explains that Pollywog maintains a consistent color scheme for different sound categories, presenting abstract and exaggerated character designs. Despite the comedic approach, the mod still exhibits decent sound design, combining comfort and suspense in its overall vibe.

The Secrets:

Pollywog boasts two intriguing secret characters that add to its appeal. The first is Axel, who, upon removal, is replaced by a tombstone with his face, indicating his demise. The second secret can be unlocked by entering the code "42069," summoning the enigmatic Dorito Lord, a character from another mod titled "The Scatposters" by the Hydration Man.

Trivia and Collaborations:

The post continues with interesting trivia, such as Pollywog being the first mod to appear when searching for "Incredibox" on Scratch due to its popularity. It also highlights the collaboration between InfinityChubs88 and the Hydration Man, forming a consistent universe within the Trillybox series. Initially intended as the final Trillybox mod, plans were reversed, allowing for further exploration of the lore.


In a lighthearted tone, the post signs off, assuring readers that the mod is indeed a complete joke. It acknowledges the risk taken by sharing this confession, as the creator fears retribution from fellow modders. However, by revealing this secret and inviting readers to partake in the humorous journey, the post concludes with a sense of farewell and good luck.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the game's background, secrets, and unique features, this detailed post offers readers a deeper understanding of the unconventional experience awaiting them in Pollywog.

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