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Incredibox vBAL: schoolhouse trouble

Enter the enchanting world of Incredibox vBAL: Schoolhouse Trouble, a thrilling and musically innovative game that brings the classic "Schoolhouse Trouble" song by Anthony Hampton to life. Brace yourself for an unforgettable gaming experience as we dive into the latest updates and bonus combos that will have you hooked from the first beat!

A Symphony of Sound

Incredibox vBAL: Schoolhouse Trouble is not your typical game; it's an immersive musical adventure. The game allows players to create their unique compositions using different elements such as beats, melodies, effects, and voices. Composed with the exceptional "Schoolhouse Trouble" song, every beat and note will transport you to the heart of a rhythmic symphony.

Updates That Enhance the Experience

Incredibox is committed to providing players with the best possible gaming experience. With the vBAL update, they have taken the brilliance of "Schoolhouse Trouble" to new heights. The melody 4 design has been revamped to add a fresh and vibrant touch, while the beat 4 sound and design have been finely tuned to elevate your auditory pleasure.

Additionally, the beat 5 sound has undergone a mesmerizing transformation, transporting you to another dimension of musical magic. The effect 5 sound has been meticulously tweaked to create an ethereal atmosphere, and the voice 5 (bad sum) sound is now louder, allowing you to immerse yourself deeper into the world of Schoolhouse Trouble.

Bonus Combos: Unleash Your Creativity

As you navigate through the game, you'll unlock bonus combos that will unlock a world of endless possibilities. Experiment and combine different elements to create astonishing compositions that leave you in awe of your musical prowess.

Combo 1: B1, E1, M3, and V5 - A mesmerizing blend that will make your beats come alive, leaving you tapping your feet to the rhythm.

Combo 2: B1 and E1, M1 - A simple yet powerful combination that showcases the essence of Schoolhouse Trouble.

Combo 3: B5, E2, M3, V3, and V4 - A harmonic symphony that will captivate your senses and transport you to a world of musical ecstasy.

Note: The Journey Continues

Incredibox vBAL: Schoolhouse Trouble is an independent and awe-inspiring creation, separate from Dogbox. This update marks yet another milestone in the journey of musical brilliance and gaming innovation that Incredibox has embarked upon.


Incredibox vBAL: Schoolhouse Trouble is not just a game; it's an artistic experience that empowers players to become composers of their musical destiny. With the mesmerizing "Schoolhouse Trouble" as the foundation and the latest updates and bonus combos as the catalyst, prepare to be swept away by a symphony of sound and rhythm.

So, gather your creative spirit and step into the world of Incredibox vBAL: Schoolhouse Trouble. Discover the magic that lies within, and let your musical imagination run wild. Unleash the conductor within you and compose a masterpiece that echoes through the ages. The stage is set, and the music awaits your touch. Let the Schoolhouse Trouble begin!


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Use mouse

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