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Incredibox - Ruler Rap REMASTERED: A Rhythmic Visual Spectacle

Step into the vibrant world of Incredibox - Ruler Rap REMASTERED, a musical masterpiece that takes the original mod to new heights. Crafted with precision using Firefox, this work-in-progress promises a visual and auditory feast. Dive into the rhythm, but beware – this experience comes with a warning about the mischievous Sus-ie.

Update Log:

V.1.0 - Official Release: The inaugural version drops, featuring all the polished sounds of the original mod but offering only seven captivating animations. It's a sneak peek into the world of rhythm and visuals.

V.1.1 - Badsums Animation Upgrade: Witness the transformation of the Badsums animation, now cooler and more visually arresting than ever. The update adds an extra layer of style to this rhythmic journey.


  • Yssarg_cs: The creative mind behind the original mod and all its captivating sounds.

Voice 2 Lyrics: "3. 3. 3. 3."

Voice 4 Lyrics: "A shiny quar- E E O O, a Shin- Shi E E, E E... DIE >:("

Creative Commons Disclaimer:

This artistic endeavor is shared under the Creative Commons license, offering a balance between creative freedom and reasonable usage. Remix and share responsibly, or Sus-ie might just make an unexpected appearance.

Call to Remix:

Feel the rhythm and creativity flowing? Dive in and create your animations to enhance this musical journey further. Let your imagination run wild, but remember: Sus-ie is watching.

In conclusion, Incredibox - Ruler Rap REMASTERED is more than just a mod; it's a celebration of rhythm, animation, and the boundless creativity of its community. So, copy that link, drop a comment, and prepare for a rhythmic adventure that might just have Susie knocking on your door at 3 AM. Enjoy the beats, the visuals, and the spirit of collaborative artistry!

How to play

Use mouse

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