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Santa Wheel

Santa Wheel - Roll Your Way Through Monster Land to Save Christmas!

Get ready for a jolly and entertaining adventure with Santa Wheel! In this funny game, you take control of a big rolling Santa Claus on a quest through 30 exciting levels. With its original and colorful graphics, Santa Wheel promises to be your go-to time-killer – simple, yet addicting. Accelerate, break, and master the art of controlling your Santa to conquer all the challenges that lie ahead!


Santa Wheel offers a delightful and engaging gameplay experience. Your mission? Guide Santa through 30 levels of rolling fun! With easy-to-understand controls, the game is perfect for players of all ages. Accelerate through snowy landscapes, break to navigate tricky obstacles, and ensure perfect control of your rolling Santa to conquer each level. The game's simplicity makes it addicting, providing a pleasant and entertaining experience.

The main goal of Santa Wheel is to help Santa complete each level and escape from the whimsical Monster Land, returning to the North Pole to save Christmas. It's a race against time and obstacles, adding an exciting twist to the holiday adventure. So, gear up for a joyous ride as you roll through Monster Land to ensure Christmas is saved!

Graphics and Atmosphere:

Santa Wheel boasts original and colorful graphics that capture the festive spirit of Christmas. The game's visuals create a cheerful and magical atmosphere, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Enjoy the holiday-themed landscapes as you roll through snow-covered terrains and encounter various obstacles on your mission to rescue Christmas.


To make your journey even merrier, follow the stars! The twinkling stars will guide you through each level, providing hints and tips to overcome challenges. Keep an eye out for these celestial helpers as you navigate through Monster Land and strive to bring Santa back to the North Pole.

In conclusion, Santa Wheel is more than just a game; it's a festive journey filled with laughter and holiday spirit. Accelerate, brake, and roll your way through Monster Land to save Christmas! With its charming graphics and addicting gameplay, Santa Wheel is the perfect companion for a magical Christmas season. Join Santa on this rollicking adventure and make this holiday season extra special with a dash of gaming joy!

How to play

Use mouse

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