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2248 Musical

Stress? Play 2248 Musical - Solve puzzles and chill at the same time!

Fathead because of the test? Stressed about deadlines? Throw your phone (gently tho) aside and try 2248 Musical now! This game combines extremely hot number blocks with cool music, top entertainment!

Why is 2248 Musical so hot?

Play for fun and chill: Forget about nerve-racking combat scenes, 2248 Musical lets you arrange numbers according to the music. The more you play, the better the music gets, and the more comfortable your mind becomes, what could be better than that?
Surprisingly simple: The rules are very easy to learn, just put blocks of the same number next to each other to "upgrade" them. It's easy, but to get a high score, you also need to calculate!
Sparkling beauty: Eye-catching interface with colorful numbers, vivid visual effects, fun to play and watch!
The more you play, the harder it gets: Each level is a new challenge, ensuring you never get bored. The more you play, the more clever you have to calculate to get a high score!

2248 Musical - More entertainment than entertainment!

Not only does it relieve stress, but 2248 Musical also helps you "upgrade" your brain with small math problems. Playing games while practicing logical thinking, calculation, and concentration, is great, isn't it?

How to play

Use mouse

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