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Flash Mob It Up

Bust a Move with Cece & Rocky in Flash Mob It Up!

Calling all dance enthusiasts and Shake It Up fans! Get ready to bring the party to the streets with Flash Mob It Up, the electrifying game where you join Cece and Rocky in creating unforgettable flash mobs!

Unleash Your Inner Dancer

In this fast-paced adventure, you'll take center stage alongside Cece and Rocky, helping them spread joy and get everyone moving. Navigate through lively crowds using arrow keys, finding the perfect space to bust a groove.

The Power of Dance is Contagious!

As you dance, your infectious moves inspire others to join in the fun! Watch as the crowd around you starts grooving along to the rhythm. The more people you get dancing, the closer you get to completing your mission.

Time is Ticking: Become a Flash Mob Master!

Each level presents a thrilling challenge: get a specific number of people dancing before the clock runs out. Be strategic, time your moves right, and keep the energy high! Don't worry if you stumble a bit – Flash Mob It Up is all about having fun and learning from your mistakes.

The Challenge Grows with Every Beat!

As you progress through the game, the stakes get higher! You'll encounter larger crowds and tighter time limits, requiring even sharper moves and quicker thinking.

Ready to Shake It Up?

Flash Mob It Up is the perfect blend of dance, challenge, and pure Disney fun! So put on your dancing shoes, join Cece and Rocky, and get ready to ignite the biggest flash mob the city has ever seen! Let's hear it for Cece and Rocky in the comments below – what's your favorite Shake It Up episode? And don't forget to like this post if you had a blast dancing the streets up with your favorite Disney duo!

How to play

Use mouse

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